Price You Pay (Resources)

from by jiamind



Fuck that unity, illuminati, gangs, and your muh fucking community
ain't immune to a funeral city blood shed ,bronze over pennies.

Blood thicker than water
Bet theirs more blood than resources
of courses, dead corpses tears outweigh continents ocean portions
the resources tell a way of war, courses for forces
To focus finnacial abundance, taxing poor in portions
Reminensce remember somthing
Sierra leonn blood diamonds
Americans stay shining, while africans stay dying
American market stay buying, goverment stay lying
While children stay crying, families stay trying
Profit the land, before becoming one with the land, Surviving
Changing time like indonesia tides tsunamis
Things become all for one, till your resources are nearly done
Prez makes it one for all, Guns,Blood and our corrupted oil
media distraction turmoil, Sunni,Shiites terrorist - slain on home soil
The plain unfoils
Any God given reward battles greed till man made bleeds it's seed
the core of your freedom, A taxed liberty
decisions decided against a nation signed by a simple treaty
The last resouce my $0.02 cents paid my O.2 nigga
I was charged to breath


from Concept, released May 1, 2013



all rights reserved


jiamind Georgia

Rap/produce for the fun of the hobby.
Simple as that.
Take it for what you want, don't care,
Simple as that.

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