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You may not know your dominence in your beauty,
Equivalent to ocean sea's ,calm winds, something soothing,
don't rely on God's great creations,
make way of a queens destination,
so i offer you no limitations, suggest missions,
live out your wishes, Without permission,
let me sample your visions,
build among you in the beginning of your mission,
stable skill and security,
without support your skill is there internally,
that's were you breathe, to breed, the best of your abilities,
Without another being in your proximity, strong indepently,
Ability express your skill willingly, like God made accordingly,
Don't need a sweet tongue speaking good to you,
patient actions make up to you in longevity,
Respectfully building you,
Overly trusting you,
Overy pleasing you,
honestly lusting you, honest terms,
i'll extend the best that i can be.
Overriding a selfish mentality,
A lady of sincerity complimenting my lyrical poetry.

Hope the relationship is passionate as the present
So in Past tense the present is a beautiful futuristic.
desire of urges is ballistic, heart and soul twisted.
From scented hips to kisses and intimate wishes.
Red Rose with thorns attach, me on top skin grop.
thorns and nails grip my back, like a thristy fucking hatchet.
nerves sensitively stimulated reaction, hazardous rachet.
automatic clapping, my thorn penetrated maddness.
fire of pleasure, leaking my substance,
length of my measure, absorbing my substance.
No resistance of my fluids, if motion is persistant,
rockin between hips wet like a french kiss.
residue deliciously lick cleanly off your wishlist.
warm satisfaction, to a cool chill contraction.
Held and relaxin. back to mental rather than action.
snuggling cuddling building my attraction.
regenerating - that sexual soul passion.


from Concept, released May 1, 2013



all rights reserved


jiamind Georgia

Rap/produce for the fun of the hobby.
Simple as that.
Take it for what you want, don't care,
Simple as that.

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