No Value (prod. by Bronze Nazareth)

from by jiamind



5th chamber instrumental produce by bronze nazareth


Nah scratch the basics i mean your fundamentals,
Pistol aiming rip thru ya basic fuckin simple mentals,
Pistol whipin ya dental silence speaking credentials,
Or silencers silently silent suppressed thoughts suppressed in your temple,
Its simple - only advanced when your bodies been white chalked & stenciled,
Or names on deceased papers copied in pencils,
Only predurable ink was the cash reciept we got for you,
actions of your death cost more than your value,
One less being means one spare need or that one extra greed
keep a clip blaze free, to gain wit shame a easy thing
or lose a life for money i call that muh fuckin fair trade dunny!
Survival dummy, get mines - i never go hungry
Take yours - bodies in cementaries im sittin on your property, lovely!
Im in real estate traveling cross states, assassinate thats a paper chase,
Bodies in place, caculate, years sit to waste, evaluate money at fast pace, wait its a lotto take,
Playing bodies for numbers its a gamble game,
And a livin pain for a simple frame
cash your brain for spare change
Kill ya fam retirement pay, not a tyrant just put bodies in place,
My rap sheet resume jobs cross states with various pay.


from Concept, released May 1, 2013



all rights reserved


jiamind Georgia

Rap/produce for the fun of the hobby.
Simple as that.
Take it for what you want, don't care,
Simple as that.

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