Blood Flow

from by jiamind



Blood flow without the rhythmn of a heartbeat.
No rhythmn needed for the motive if the heart seeks.
Just breathe, let the mood flow freely,
Just ease, let my skin rub easily
Smoothly soothing massaging your body
Passion in silence, gripping your body like pillows in the night
Stars aligning, according timing,
Remarkable timing, light kiss, beauty admiring,
French kiss, passion throbbing.
Lust rush, body gropping
Rejection not a fucking option
Wide lips,lick hips please warm clits
Prepssed lips,kiss clits, open so swift,
Lip nibble sips ya slight drizzle,
Tounge wiggle till layers nerve tingle,
moan with the track, arch ya damn back,
Legs spread, head massage mind relax,
Tounge rotation like a repeated track,
Only skips on forced contact

lyrical when i lick you,
Toungue twist syllables surgically to refit you,
Kiss toungue or nibble gently to please you,
bite suck and fiddle poeticly you can feel me,
Poetry is the image but the physics is the feeling
Words spit the reason till my motion is poetry
If ya aint leaking my cerebrals not speaking.
Beauty of the lyrics the fact you took it orally,
my toungue on the raw end, the sweetest deal,
Sick looks gives the sweetest feel,
You'll be the willing, but i'll be the will,
tounge pressed lips close clits ya sealed,
Sick motion the sweet end of the deal,
Thoughts from my head where the pleasure speaks
blood flow without the rhythmn of a heartbeat,
no rhythmn needed for the motive if the heart seeks.


from Concept, released May 1, 2013



all rights reserved


jiamind Georgia

Rap/produce for the fun of the hobby.
Simple as that.
Take it for what you want, don't care,
Simple as that.

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