A​.​K​.​O​.​S ft. Waterstyle612

from by jiamind



[ Waterstyle 612 ]

(Big brother, fuck you! Waterstyle 612)
Shots ring out, I'm fallin off of cloud 9
This mindless idiot box talks to me all the time sayin things will be fine
Frustrated with bullshit and the games lames play, but I'm stayin grounded day to day
Once infected with the truth there aint no turnin back
Knowledge is like crack, leaves you wanting more
The super high when your eyes see it all for the first time
Let me unwind with this swisher while the plot gets thicker
Mister, would you believe in an alternate reality?
We're in a world of dreams but I'm a keep chasing mine til I'm 6 feet deep.

[ Chorus-612 ]

It don't stop
We livin
They killin us in this melting pot
These blocks is hot
So tell me who be watchin you?
It's a new world
So better get your shit in order

[ Jia ]

Fuck that unity, illumanati gangs and your muh fucking community
Aint immune to a funeral city, blood shed bronze over pennies
Pay my body kill my soul a fucking living
Pumpfist revolution linear constitution change the fucking system
I pay change to live the same i stand for change but never pay
Cant aford to change to pay a price to fade away like mlk
Pave my way with a gun and blade Best believe they'll jail my days
Right is love and love is pain, pain is green and green is slave
American dream is a corporate way, wall street bills we fuckin pay
Goverment games we fuckin play, drugs and bodies we fuckin fade
Lil selfish niggas that fuckin blaze, police paid crook that fuckin taze
Dam these common society ways, cities to ruins and ruins decay
But thats okay
Don't comprehend, best believe you don't fit that plan
That american, false land, pay land for paid land, slain man
Indians, innocent for expansion, the gain plain
Accumulate, cultivate, exterminate, i'll demonstrate
You gave a state for a race you fade it's face
Dragged another held in chains geography displaced
Same face hate same face, different race but same fate
Like gangs across state, different scene but same stake
Human control they populate by the tough living we embrace
Labor kills a loving grace, rewards towards the bitter taste
Hate moves and motivate, hands create a different pace
Open hands, working man, plant seeds, new land, new fruit
New plan, new man, rather than
Closed fist, steadily wish, blind miss, attack swift,
Ends with cursed lips, receives no gifts,
Quick gained is short lived,
We sign deals to kill wills, we buy things to gain feel
We fake shit to feel real, we copy shit for appeal
We lack lyrics the beats ill
You advertise for a deal,
You flipped your script and sold your gifts and say you still got talent
While you twist your wrist and speak bullshit and say you in my balance
Culture nigga we killed that
Hip hop we fuckin flipped that
Boom bap to ya fuckin dance claps
Then that Techno sound effects
Lost that soul sample tracks
They spit their shit to pay their shit
Which makes no sense we pay with scents. To continue their shit rewind this shit if my line made fucking any sense
Whats style is new is a counterfit
Remoldeled new and remanagement.
Slave a nation in education, give you basics limit nature schemes of paper
Play you like paper ,drain you dry like fuckin vapors ,migrate paper
Paper chasers two eyes see money
One eye makes paper
inmitating illuminating
Illuminati in a all seeing nation
All can see but none cant speak
We plant feet but the money flees
Paper trails float like leaves
Can't adapt become extinct
Grab yo piece, rep yo streets
claim yo turf, bang yo piece
Makem bleed, fuck their peace,
Slavery new mentality,


from Concept, released May 1, 2013



all rights reserved


jiamind Georgia

Rap/produce for the fun of the hobby.
Simple as that.
Take it for what you want, don't care,
Simple as that.

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