by jiamind

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Concept - A mixtape consisting of ideas, random songs, love ,violent and poetry. Old/New beats.

Majority of the beats are created by jia, self written lyrics aswell.
A solo home studio quality project..
Trashcan quality


released May 1, 2013



all rights reserved


jiamind Georgia

Rap/produce for the fun of the hobby.
Simple as that.
Take it for what you want, don't care,
Simple as that.

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Track Name: Produce Visuals (prod. by Lord Finese)
Old like relics, my bones show past, future, and present.
The questioning of the elvoving world of harming karma is the testing.
Other than stressing syllables, defining lyricals that is presentable.
Re-adjusting the written ones, from my spiritual into our molecules.
Now stating the physical, that these lyrics are now visual.
Vital that langauge is fatal.
Comprehension makes it critical.
Which is sensable, because progression is strictly seasonal.
And the gain of nothing monthly is in-accurately unreasonable.
Sensable though a process pending to your cerebral.
Your speakings are now your mental visuals.
Track Name: A.K.O.S ft. Waterstyle612
[ Waterstyle 612 ]

(Big brother, fuck you! Waterstyle 612)
Shots ring out, I'm fallin off of cloud 9
This mindless idiot box talks to me all the time sayin things will be fine
Frustrated with bullshit and the games lames play, but I'm stayin grounded day to day
Once infected with the truth there aint no turnin back
Knowledge is like crack, leaves you wanting more
The super high when your eyes see it all for the first time
Let me unwind with this swisher while the plot gets thicker
Mister, would you believe in an alternate reality?
We're in a world of dreams but I'm a keep chasing mine til I'm 6 feet deep.

[ Chorus-612 ]

It don't stop
We livin
They killin us in this melting pot
These blocks is hot
So tell me who be watchin you?
It's a new world
So better get your shit in order

[ Jia ]

Fuck that unity, illumanati gangs and your muh fucking community
Aint immune to a funeral city, blood shed bronze over pennies
Pay my body kill my soul a fucking living
Pumpfist revolution linear constitution change the fucking system
I pay change to live the same i stand for change but never pay
Cant aford to change to pay a price to fade away like mlk
Pave my way with a gun and blade Best believe they'll jail my days
Right is love and love is pain, pain is green and green is slave
American dream is a corporate way, wall street bills we fuckin pay
Goverment games we fuckin play, drugs and bodies we fuckin fade
Lil selfish niggas that fuckin blaze, police paid crook that fuckin taze
Dam these common society ways, cities to ruins and ruins decay
But thats okay
Don't comprehend, best believe you don't fit that plan
That american, false land, pay land for paid land, slain man
Indians, innocent for expansion, the gain plain
Accumulate, cultivate, exterminate, i'll demonstrate
You gave a state for a race you fade it's face
Dragged another held in chains geography displaced
Same face hate same face, different race but same fate
Like gangs across state, different scene but same stake
Human control they populate by the tough living we embrace
Labor kills a loving grace, rewards towards the bitter taste
Hate moves and motivate, hands create a different pace
Open hands, working man, plant seeds, new land, new fruit
New plan, new man, rather than
Closed fist, steadily wish, blind miss, attack swift,
Ends with cursed lips, receives no gifts,
Quick gained is short lived,
We sign deals to kill wills, we buy things to gain feel
We fake shit to feel real, we copy shit for appeal
We lack lyrics the beats ill
You advertise for a deal,
You flipped your script and sold your gifts and say you still got talent
While you twist your wrist and speak bullshit and say you in my balance
Culture nigga we killed that
Hip hop we fuckin flipped that
Boom bap to ya fuckin dance claps
Then that Techno sound effects
Lost that soul sample tracks
They spit their shit to pay their shit
Which makes no sense we pay with scents. To continue their shit rewind this shit if my line made fucking any sense
Whats style is new is a counterfit
Remoldeled new and remanagement.
Slave a nation in education, give you basics limit nature schemes of paper
Play you like paper ,drain you dry like fuckin vapors ,migrate paper
Paper chasers two eyes see money
One eye makes paper
inmitating illuminating
Illuminati in a all seeing nation
All can see but none cant speak
We plant feet but the money flees
Paper trails float like leaves
Can't adapt become extinct
Grab yo piece, rep yo streets
claim yo turf, bang yo piece
Makem bleed, fuck their peace,
Slavery new mentality,
Track Name: No Value (prod. by Bronze Nazareth)
Nah scratch the basics i mean your fundamentals,
Pistol aiming rip thru ya basic fuckin simple mentals,
Pistol whipin ya dental silence speaking credentials,
Or silencers silently silent suppressed thoughts suppressed in your temple,
Its simple - only advanced when your bodies been white chalked & stenciled,
Or names on deceased papers copied in pencils,
Only predurable ink was the cash reciept we got for you,
actions of your death cost more than your value,
One less being means one spare need or that one extra greed
keep a clip blaze free, to gain wit shame a easy thing
or lose a life for money i call that muh fuckin fair trade dunny!
Survival dummy, get mines - i never go hungry
Take yours - bodies in cementaries im sittin on your property, lovely!
Im in real estate traveling cross states, assassinate thats a paper chase,
Bodies in place, caculate, years sit to waste, evaluate money at fast pace, wait its a lotto take,
Playing bodies for numbers its a gamble game,
And a livin pain for a simple frame
cash your brain for spare change
Kill ya fam retirement pay, not a tyrant just put bodies in place,
My rap sheet resume jobs cross states with various pay.
Track Name: Price You Pay (Resources)
Fuck that unity, illuminati, gangs, and your muh fucking community
ain't immune to a funeral city blood shed ,bronze over pennies.

Blood thicker than water
Bet theirs more blood than resources
of courses, dead corpses tears outweigh continents ocean portions
the resources tell a way of war, courses for forces
To focus finnacial abundance, taxing poor in portions
Reminensce remember somthing
Sierra leonn blood diamonds
Americans stay shining, while africans stay dying
American market stay buying, goverment stay lying
While children stay crying, families stay trying
Profit the land, before becoming one with the land, Surviving
Changing time like indonesia tides tsunamis
Things become all for one, till your resources are nearly done
Prez makes it one for all, Guns,Blood and our corrupted oil
media distraction turmoil, Sunni,Shiites terrorist - slain on home soil
The plain unfoils
Any God given reward battles greed till man made bleeds it's seed
the core of your freedom, A taxed liberty
decisions decided against a nation signed by a simple treaty
The last resouce my $0.02 cents paid my O.2 nigga
I was charged to breath
Track Name: Hauntin (Karma)
Call it hauntings same as taunting mocking a past decision wishing you conquered constantly flaunting
Your mental memory mimic what you failed to inhibit
Posted membrane failed attempts displayed exhibits
Like you misformed the ignorant by abstratical lyrics
Painted pretty colors outlined around black manipulated
Reversal inverted beautiful image, Stylish look ugly finish, hell to the wicked,
May you feel the pain you given by physical inflicted incissions
Speak success stole from the given
May you lay homeless with the victims - God's decision
Or the innocent women mis-used to pleasure your feeling
May your daughter get raped - satans intentions, lust dealing, pleasure of fate a fatal ending. for flesh feeling a simple pleasure short coming leading to a worn used torn flesh enternally bruised.
meaning your short outcomes equal deadly atreyu's.
several chambers of hell in a spiritual physical cell
that your eyes surround sound screams
storytell forever dwell
nightmares up the suspense,
you never wake feel the state of results you thought dreamed was a sleep mind state -tense
Cause when we sleep spiritually we roam,
as spirits seek, they bring hieroglyphic images to our dome.
So when you are awaken you're home, with ability to control, grow, and mold your dome.
But not quite to elude thoughts from your spirit.
ignore the physics this for you mind of spirits.
when the breath leaves the body,
this is just eternal begining of living beyond the limit
Track Name: Sevilives - Mood Swing (prod. Lil Shadow)
sucka fake extremes,
prominent mood swings,
Aint nothing compared to 9/11 skydiver screams and raped children organs bleed,
Cone asses crack gush and leak like ice cream.
All kinds of flavors like jeffrey dahmer eaten skin enthicity
I lactose intolerant, cut titties off
african rebel acknowledgement,
jihadist will kill a milk man fadem like chemical ali
Spittin neuro toxicans till ya body cant stomach misery,
Or eat a snotty boogey and still stay on your woogey,
Pussy! In God you trust a gun you bust if you must think thought that you thunk that life is luck,
Dumb fuck, art of pain can be anothers taste of lust!
You cant image unless i cuss,
You Lazy fucks!
So eliminate a nation on scales slowly hiroshimas devastation equasion
Or kill a future generation by clone or robot emasculate or basic abortion termination egyptian pharoah first son exterminated
i make that end of days history statement,
call christ i call earth fading faintly and my mood swings stay negatively angry baby
Like autos with broken safety
I aim and blaze call it gun safety
While human tissue rip off the body base
Basically ballistically i plead insane save my brain from a permanent death mood mutha fucking swang.
Track Name: Blood Flow
Blood flow without the rhythmn of a heartbeat.
No rhythmn needed for the motive if the heart seeks.
Just breathe, let the mood flow freely,
Just ease, let my skin rub easily
Smoothly soothing massaging your body
Passion in silence, gripping your body like pillows in the night
Stars aligning, according timing,
Remarkable timing, light kiss, beauty admiring,
French kiss, passion throbbing.
Lust rush, body gropping
Rejection not a fucking option
Wide lips,lick hips please warm clits
Prepssed lips,kiss clits, open so swift,
Lip nibble sips ya slight drizzle,
Tounge wiggle till layers nerve tingle,
moan with the track, arch ya damn back,
Legs spread, head massage mind relax,
Tounge rotation like a repeated track,
Only skips on forced contact

lyrical when i lick you,
Toungue twist syllables surgically to refit you,
Kiss toungue or nibble gently to please you,
bite suck and fiddle poeticly you can feel me,
Poetry is the image but the physics is the feeling
Words spit the reason till my motion is poetry
If ya aint leaking my cerebrals not speaking.
Beauty of the lyrics the fact you took it orally,
my toungue on the raw end, the sweetest deal,
Sick looks gives the sweetest feel,
You'll be the willing, but i'll be the will,
tounge pressed lips close clits ya sealed,
Sick motion the sweet end of the deal,
Thoughts from my head where the pleasure speaks
blood flow without the rhythmn of a heartbeat,
no rhythmn needed for the motive if the heart seeks.
Track Name: Poetry
You may not know your dominence in your beauty,
Equivalent to ocean sea's ,calm winds, something soothing,
don't rely on God's great creations,
make way of a queens destination,
so i offer you no limitations, suggest missions,
live out your wishes, Without permission,
let me sample your visions,
build among you in the beginning of your mission,
stable skill and security,
without support your skill is there internally,
that's were you breathe, to breed, the best of your abilities,
Without another being in your proximity, strong indepently,
Ability express your skill willingly, like God made accordingly,
Don't need a sweet tongue speaking good to you,
patient actions make up to you in longevity,
Respectfully building you,
Overly trusting you,
Overy pleasing you,
honestly lusting you, honest terms,
i'll extend the best that i can be.
Overriding a selfish mentality,
A lady of sincerity complimenting my lyrical poetry.

Hope the relationship is passionate as the present
So in Past tense the present is a beautiful futuristic.
desire of urges is ballistic, heart and soul twisted.
From scented hips to kisses and intimate wishes.
Red Rose with thorns attach, me on top skin grop.
thorns and nails grip my back, like a thristy fucking hatchet.
nerves sensitively stimulated reaction, hazardous rachet.
automatic clapping, my thorn penetrated maddness.
fire of pleasure, leaking my substance,
length of my measure, absorbing my substance.
No resistance of my fluids, if motion is persistant,
rockin between hips wet like a french kiss.
residue deliciously lick cleanly off your wishlist.
warm satisfaction, to a cool chill contraction.
Held and relaxin. back to mental rather than action.
snuggling cuddling building my attraction.
regenerating - that sexual soul passion.
Track Name: Carnal
I could paint passion, speaking words visual action,
stimulating nerves and moves to your satisfaction,
Body hug rubs heat the birth muscle contraction,
Pressed lips to tounge breach till our tounge leech, Splashing
syliva attraction, hand guiding down the body muscle relaxation, muscle contraction stimulating
my external awakening
your internal baking
your womb into a lustfull inferno
Juice leaks tightens your tunnel
Over pressured over flooding your funnel
Cold refresh back to melt warm loving
Your pleasure is my pain momentum is your gain
Your moans in my brain is my pleasure of your pain
Blood stiffining muscle pump check the fucking veins
Layers press my head sucking my meat blowing my brains.
Pleasure reversal to pain back to pleasuring the pain.
Sliding thru your massaging sticky vaginal frame.
Recycle the past tense we came.
Guided your legs your drained and lame.
Pressed on the bed between me and the frame.
Legs on my shoulders, gripping the hips,
Over you i hover, movement is swift,
Bed of comfort, i of tension, you forced to be dense.
Like bottom lips cought between an aggressive french kiss.
Merciless shift, angry dick, mashed against your vertical clit.
Better understanding your core is leaving you split.
Draining to be dripless, lick leaks lovingly, willingly to please,
Mentally senseless, consuming the goodness, gift of release,
Regripped in my arms, feel weak but the feelings not free,
Pressed in your slot, rattling the lock, my lockpick is your key.
Track Name: la la la
The melody is like your curves, rewind to reword the memory
Of your beauty is like composing simple music
Keep me grooving shifting hips heel clicks sound persuing
Rhythmn is the motivation looks is the presentation
Followed by the sweet voice mix is the sensation
Styles she appreciate smiles rejuvenate
While the kiss rewards determination
Spit words on the beat she was contemplating
I was meditating simple rhymes for complexity
Elegant poetry twine with her pleasant melody
Serenade compliment words painted artisticly
Visual memory minnie riperton lovin you
What music means to me
R.i.p sample flipped in memory of minnie

Hear the birds chirpping? New dawn day approuching
Ever studied facial expression and notice smile of compassion
Perhaps tone of voice when answered or asking? reply doesnt matter
presence is flabbergaustin
Like cool breeze chills down the back
Sample of your knowledge reminensce therapy psychology or crack
Say the words and i'll stencile stability and hopefully
I can draw freehand for a beautiful biography.
I never limit life or people course of track
But perhaps only course will be the one we pave and people track.
I added you as a addition of me i cant subtract, minus my support half the talents i fuckin lack.
Track Name: Submissive
You submit by guidance or my dominance defining,
Submissively submitting our sexual alliance
Give in by silence, give up by groppin, firmly but softly
Will to satisfy is my body priorty,
If you talk i kiss, if you flinch i grip, put it like this,
Body over mind you feel secure,
Head down legs mind over body (ah) pussy lips,
Toungue clit split with a warm fuckin juicy lick,
Extend my lick out your clit up to your milky tits,
Suck those nips, tounge snake wrap leak some milk,
Your hands thru my braids,
snake slither shit,
Slide up to them lips sample kiss your sweetness,
A bubble bath refresh that tenson,
And intimately submitting is a instant transmission,
You supressed i uncompressed those feelings,
Throw some rose predals in the bath sexual healing.

Realistically i find the mood more interisting,
Bubble baths rose pedals your favorite incense breeze,
Massage feet up to your knees,
Blow between your thighs,
Get a cool ease as you look into my eyes,
Grip that ass, and kiss them thighs,
You may be on your back, but damn well i'll abide
Request position for gentle incision i'll comply
Even if its tounge twisting kisses and body grinds
I'll give you jiamentals for moans and pleasant cries
I'll bend every layer till your body's redesigned
And make you moan jia jia from jiamind
Across between blood flow & fluids comes in mind
I'll build momentum bath bubbles and take our time
Between your legs above your head i body mines
My toungue lubricates
my dick fucking grinds
In twine with you organs
we share a special shine
Track Name: Fluids (Leaks)
Fluently moist ya coastal
Breach of my rising ocean
Liquidfy ya drought flooding your postals
Over flooding - your emotions.
Redesign body my erosion.
tectonic plate shifting ocean.
Cost the price you pay for motion
feelin my turbulent ocean.
Ill be flowing submerging layers
Tsunami going moldin elevation
Warm fluids cold sensation
Like water. - veto foundation
Elaborate flow no limitation
fill wit pressure till she overflows
Rouge waves rock boats
floods break her in and sink her whole
Chill her with graceness
Smooth like geishas, serving her tastes
exotic places, i mean exotic tasteses
mix with your local flavors,
Honey dip ginger. Wita stiff dick
Run them lips sweet dick wita flavor mix
That sticky shit, slimey fix,
Swallowed with a sticky kiss,
Its a sick reminensce with a sweet feel,
Gooey type liquid with a cool chill,
Salt sex scent curious appeal,
Fatigue decreased when that juice spill,
Waters dont recede till the land soaks
residue shows where the water coats.
Spray her with my saltwater currents
waters turn in salty fluids.